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Automation Generator Control Panel For The Automation And Monitoring System

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Jackpower
Certification CE/RoHs/ISO9001
Model Number 92X0
Minimum Order Quantity 1-5 pieces
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Standard plywood and wood package.the actual package size against goods size and handle requires. Si
Delivery Time one weeks on receipt of official sales contract
Payment Terms L/C,D/P,D/A, Alipay, West Union, TT. Cash,Paypal
Supply Ability 500 pieces per Month
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Product Description


Automation Generator Control Panel For The Automation And Monitoring System


LXC92X0 Series of power plant automation controller for the automation and monitoring system of a
single diesel generator sets, use 32-bit microprocessor technology, achieve generator sets automatic
boot/shutdown, the precision measurement of various parameters, alarm protection and three remote
function. The controller uses a large-screen LCD (240*128LCD)graphics display, all the important
parameters can be displayed in page, save the page. At the same time can be displayed Chinese,English
and other languages, all parameters can be adjusted from the controller panel, can also be a PC through
a USB interface tweaks and RS485 or GPRS remote adjustment and monitoring. Its structure is compact,
simple wiring, high reliability, automation control systems are widely used in all types of generator sets
and fire pumps


3. Performance and characteristics
LXC9210:Auto Start Module. It controls gen-set to start or stop automatically by remote start signal.
LXC9220:Auto Main Failure, updates based on LXC9210, especially for automatic system composed by
gens and mains.
Main characteristics.
 With ARM-based 32-bit MCU, highly integrated hardware, new reliability level;
 240x128 LCD with backlight, multilingual interface(including English, Chinese or other languages)
which can be chosen at the site, making commissioning convenient for factory personnel;
 All parameters can use the computer via USB, RS232, RS485 interface to connect and adjust, while
the internal FLASH memory within the controller in the system when power is not lost;
 99% of the parameters can be set directly from the front panel for easy on-site commissioning;
 RS485 communication port enabling remote control, remote measuring, remote communication via
ModBus protocol (controller with RS485 port only);
 Equipped with SMS(Short Message Service)function. When genset is alarming, controller can send
short messages via SMS automatically to max.5 telephone numbers. besides, generator status can
be controlled and checked using SMS. With advanced networking capabilities, via GPRS mobile
network and Internet connectivity, in any place where the network can be remotely monitor;( Need to
install the GPRS module: LXI680);
 Equipped with CANBUS port and can communicate with J1939 genset. Not only can users monitoring
frequently-used data (such as water temperature, oil pressure, speed, fuel consumption and so on) of
ECU machine, but also control starting up, shutdown , raising speed and speed droop via CANBUS
port. (controller with CAN BUS port only);
 Suitable for 3-phase 4-wire, 3-phase 3-wire, single phase 2-wire, and 2-phase 3-wire systems with
voltage 120/240V and frequency 50/60Hz;
 Collects and shows 3-phase voltage, current, power parameter and frequency of generator or mains;
 For Mains, controller has over and under voltage, over and under frequency, loss of phase and phase
sequence wrong detection functions; For generator, controller has over and under voltage, over and
under frequency, loss of phase, phase sequence wrong, over and reverse power, over current
 3 fixed analog sensors(temperature, oil pressure and liquid level),more kinds of curves of
temperature,oil pressure, fuel level can be used directly and users can define the sensor curves by
 2 configurable sensors can be set as sensor of temperature, pressure or fuel level;
 Protection: Automatic start/stop of the genset, ATS(Auto Transfer Switch)control with perfect fault
indication and protection function. When multiple warnings occur, the warning bar will rotate to
display them, so that we can analyze the reasons;


All output ports are relay-out, And the main output 16A relay outputs and three passive relay output,
more user-friendly;
 Parameter setting: parameters can be modified and stored in internal FLASH memory and cannot be
lost even in case of power outage; most of them can be adjusted using front panel of the controller
and all of them can be modified using PC via USB or RS485 ports;
 With advanced networking capabilities, via GPRS mobile network and Internet connectivity, in any
place where the network can be remotely monitor;
 A variety of starting conditions for success (speed sensor, oil pressure, power generation) to select,
to facilitate the needs of special occasions;
 Wide power supply range (8 ~ 35) VDC, can adapt to different environment starting battery voltage,
can under the low voltage of starting motor moment continue to work for 3 seconds;
 Fault history with 200, and can record the fault instant oil pressure ,water temperature, voltage,
current and other important parameters;
 Equipped with real-time clock, scheduled start & stop generator(can be seas start gen-set once a
day/week/month with load or not),reach automatic maintenance;
 Can be used on pumping units and as an indicating instrument (indicate and alarm are enable only,
relay is inhibited );
 3 set of maintenance functions, can be set for the machine maintenance cycle .Maintenance time to
action can be set up(only warning or alarm stop);
 Waterproof security level IP55 due to rubber seal installed between the controller enclosure and
panel fascia;
 Improved LCD wear-resistance and scratch resistance due to hard screen acrylic;
 Silicon panel and push buttons for better operation in high-temperature environment,and has a good
waterproof performance;
 Modular design, anti-flaming ABS plastic enclosure, plug gable connection terminals and embedded
installation way, compact structure with easy mounting.
Special industry application characteristics:
 Leasing industry applications: management provides the perfect solution: leased out via PC remote
Management of the unit, you can monitor all operating parameters (oil pressure, water temperature,
voltage, current, power, etc),you can always change the configuration to protect the unit is not proper
application, can record 200 detailed fault information, including: time to failure, because ,when the
voltage, current, power, oil pressure, water temperature and other key parameters, and ready to
upload to the monitoring machine. Another multi-level password management options to facilitate the
lease management;
 Fire pump industry applications: Close electrical parameter measurement function, use powerful
Programmable input and output ports and internal programmable logic to achieve automated pump
control system. Instead of the conventional engine controller PLC + simple manner ,making the
system more stable and reliable;
 Air compressor industry applications: Close voltage measurements protection, according to the need
to configure programmable analog input, overload protection , with programmable digital inputs,
complete startup control, temperature and pressure control, protection parameter settings.


Fully functional,and can detect almost all the generating units of electrical parameters and
non-electrical parameters.
Line voltage Uab,Ubc,Uca
Phase voltage Ua,Ub,Uc
Frequency Hz
Line voltage Uab,Ubc,Uca
Phase voltage Ua,Ub,Uc
Frequency Hz
Load current IA,IB,IC
Each phase and total active power kW
Each phase and total reactive power kVar
Each phase and total apparent power kVA
Each phase and average power factor PF
Accumulate total gens power kWh,kVarh,kVAh
Temperature WT °C/°F Choose to display
Oil pressure OP kPa/Psi/Bar Choose to display
Fuel level (FL) %(unit)
Speed (SPD) RPM (unit)
Voltage of Battery(VB) V(unit)
Voltage of Charger(VD) V(unit)
Hour count(HC)can accumulate Max.65535hours
Start times can accumulate Max.65535times
Mains and generator abnormal conditions:
Voltage is too high
Voltage is too low
Frequency is too high
Frequency is too low
Phase loss
Reverse phase
Loss of power
The fault display and protection function
High water temperature warn
High water temperature shutdown alarm
Low oil pressure warning
Over speed shutdown alarm
Box high temperature warn
Low fuel level warn
Battery voltage is too high warn
Battery voltage is too low warn
Load over current shutdown alarm
Failed to stop alarm
Emergency stop alarm
Oil pressure sensor open circuit shutdown alarm