The function and advantage of gasoline generator

November 7, 2022
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The main advantages:

Fuel economy: Excellent combustion efficiency produces high economic benefits.

Tranquility: A low noise generator set that can be used anytime, anywhere.

Reliable: Stable automatic voltage regulation system and oil warning system, it is safe to use.

Leading the internal combustion engine technology for nearly half a century, its exquisite technology and rich experience reflected in every engine, to ensure that each engine in long-term operation of stable performance, reliable work and greatly save the time of maintenance.
Automatic Voltage regulator (AVR)

The use of automatic voltage regulator can automatically keep the voltage stable when the equipment is loaded, to ensure the supply of smooth power, this unique design is particularly important for the voltage fluctuation sensitive electrical equipment. This is the brush motor over other generators unique, and no maintenance.

Engine oil Warning system:

When the oil level is too low, the oil warning system automatically stops the engine from running, so that the engine is not damaged.
The main role


Gasoline generator set in telecommunication system is usually used for emergency communication, emergency repair or backup power supply of small access network room. Gasoline generator sets are used in the following situations:

1. In case of natural disasters, such as heavy rain and floods, the huge diesel unit cannot be transported, and the light gasoline unit is the best choice to ensure the power supply of communication equipment in the disaster area;

2, in the unstable or power failure, small access network room or machine station, you can use gasoline generator set as backup power supply;

3. In emergency repair, if emergency repair personnel need to carry backup power supply, gasoline generator sets can be used (of course, if the electricity power is large, the diesel generator sets need to be moved).

latest company news about The function and advantage of gasoline generator  0latest company news about The function and advantage of gasoline generator  1