How much do you know about house-wide diesel generators?

April 20, 2023
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What is a whole-house diesel generator?

The whole house generator serves as the most powerful household generator. It can be connected to your electrical panel and automatically turned on when the power goes out in your home, so long as you choose the right size, your entire home can be powered online. With strong power output and stable voltage output compared to backup or portable generators, whole-house diesel generators can not only meet the power needs of a variety of large projects, but also cope with sudden emergency power failures. As long as you can supply the fuel, the whole-house generator can power more appliances.

The advantages of the whole house diesel generator

1. Cost effectiveness


The cost of a whole-house diesel generator is much lower than the purchase cost of an ordinary oil-fired generator. At the same time, the parts of the generator are much less than the parts of an ordinary generator, and the possibility of maintenance is much less. While every generator needs maintenance when necessary, diesel generators tend to require less maintenance and replacement costs than other generators.


2. Overall efficiency


Diesel-powered whole-house generators are generally more efficient than regular generators, with built-in cooling components that greatly support the generator's ability to handle heat generation without the need for components such as water pumps, additional coolant, thermometers and radiators. So they can reach peak efficiency faster.


3. Durability


Whole-house diesel generators also last longer than other types of backup generators. We just need to find a technician to do regular maintenance on the generator to better ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Two of the best whole-house diesel generators

1.CE certification GSA-F90 25KVA Wholehouse diesel generatorlatest company news about How much do you know about house-wide diesel generators?  0

This GSA-F90 25kW home backup generator can


provide backup power for the whole house And


automatically start within seconds of power failure


Corrosion resistant surfaces are ideal for all natural


conditions, and LCD controllers track maintenance


intervals to ensure optimal operating conditions



2.GSA-K52 whole-house diesel generator 125KVA

125 kW home standby generator equipped with whole-house ATS200 service entry rated automatic transfer switch with demand control is a


simple solution to power outages. Keep your family safe and convenient in case of an emergency, so you can rest easy. The generator starts


automatically in the event of a power failure and returns to standby when power is restored. The startup system operates in the temperature


range -22° F to 104° F without a heating kit.



latest company news about How much do you know about house-wide diesel generators?  1



With the continuous improvement of domestic energy and environmental policies and the continuous improvement of market demand, the whole house diesel generator market will usher in a broader development space and a more active market pattern.