Development history of Genset Diesel Generator

April 13, 2023
Latest company news about Development history of Genset Diesel Generator

Development history of Genset Diesel Generator


1、 What is a diesel generator set


A generator set is a mechanical electrical device that converts certain energy supplies into electrical energy. The composition of diesel generator set is a power supply equipment that uses some small power generation equipment to drive the generator to generate electricity by using diesel as fuel and diesel engine as power support.The composition of the diesel generator set is generally composed of many parts such as generator, control box, diesel engine, fuel tank, battery for starting and control, protection device, emergency cabinet, etc. Diesel generator set is the combination of diesel engine and generator (usually alternator) to generate electric energy.Use scenarios of diesel generator set: household power supply, office emergency power supply, power logistics reserve of large, medium and small enterprises, and emergency power generation in case of power failure.Diesel compression ignition engines are usually designed to run on fuel, but there are some types that are suitable for other liquid fuels or natural gas.


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2 、Development history of diesel generator set


The world's earliest diesel engine is stored in the exhibition hall of the German National Museum.In 1897, the world's first diesel engine was born in Augsburg, Germany, and was invented by Rudolf Diesel, the founder of MAN Corporation. The English name of the diesel engine is the founder's name Diesel.MAN Company is the most professional diesel engine manufacturing company in the world today, with a maximum single machine capacity of 15000kW. It is the main power supplier of the ocean shipping industry. Large diesel power plants in China also rely on MAN companies, such as Guangdong Huizhou Dongjiang Power Plant (100000 kW). Foshan Power Plant (80000 kW) is a unit provided by MAN Company.

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3、Basic structure of diesel generator set


The AC generator is mainly composed of permanent magnets (called rotors) made of magnetic materials with alternating north and south poles, and armature coils (called stators) made of silicon cast iron and wound with multiple sets of series coils. Working principle of power generation: The rotor is driven by a diesel engine to cut the magnetic field lines axially. The alternating magnetic poles in the stator form an alternating magnetic field in the coil core. The rotor rotates once, and the direction and magnitude of the magnetic flux change multiple times. Due to the transformation of the magnetic field, an induced current that changes in both size and direction is generated in the coil and transported out by the stator coil.The rotation of the diesel engine crankshaft drives the generator to rotate and generate electricity, which includes a DC generator and an AC generator.A DC generator mainly consists of a generator casing, magnetic pole iron core, magnetic field coil, armature, and carbon brush. Working principle of power generation: When the diesel engine drives the armature of the generator to rotate, due to residual magnetism in the magnetic pole core of the generator, the armature coil cuts magnetic lines of force in the magnetic field. According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, current is generated by magnetic induction and output through the carbon brush.In order to protect electrical equipment and maintain its normal operation, the current emitted by the generator also needs to be regulated and controlled by a regulator.