The "Light Bringer" in Assam, India, diesel generator

May 17, 2023

Assam is a region of northeast India, located in the northeast corner of India. Some villages in the area often face inadequate electricity supplies. Due to the complex topography of the region, the construction of the power grid is difficult, resulting in a lack of power supply in the region. The inhabitants of the area live mainly on agriculture. The lack of a reliable electricity grid in the area means residents have to use oil lamps and candles at night, making life difficult. In order to improve the living conditions of the residents, the local government decided to buy a generator in order to provide the town with a reliable electricity supply. And sent an inquiry to our generator manufacturer, after a long period of comparison and communication, finally, our company model GSA-T341 100KVA silent diesel generator agreement. This type of generator has the characteristics of stable operation, low noise, fuel economy and so on, which is very suitable for use in ordinary villages.

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After purchasing the generators, the government also set up a complete power supply system, including generators, transformers, wires and meters. Under the leadership of the government, local residents participated in the construction of the electricity supply system, running wires to every home and installing meters and sockets so that residents could use electrical equipment.

Living conditions in the town have improved dramatically with the operation of the generator. Residents can use electric lights and televisions at night, and use electrical equipment for cooking and laundry. In addition, the use of generators has also driven the development of the local economy, promoting agriculture, industry and commerce.

In a word, the generator has a very important role and application in modern society. It can not only provide people with reliable electricity supply and improve people's living conditions, but also promote economic development and social progress.

/photo/genset-dieselgenerator/editor/100kva silent diesel generator