Precautions for using diesel generators

May 4, 2023

Pay attention to the oil pressure. When the diesel generator is working, the lubricating oil pressure is sent to the friction surface of the parts by the oil pump and the oil film is formed, so that the parts rubbing with each other do not have direct contact, so as to reduce the friction loss. Use should always pay attention to the oil pressure, when the oil pressure is low, should immediately stop for inspection and repair, oil pressure is too high will damage the oil film aggravate wear, should also find out the cause of timely disposal.


Pay attention to the change of temperature. The temperature of diesel generator is reflected in the temperature of cooling water and the temperature of lubricating oil. The water temperature of the forced circulation diesel generator should be kept between 70 and 90 degrees Celsius, and the oil temperature should be kept between 70 and 80 degrees Celsius. If too high will damage the cylinder pad, piston and piston ring, reduce oil viscosity, lubrication performance decline; If low will increase fuel consumption and smoke exhaust. Therefore, the operation should always pay attention to the temperature of antifreeze, abnormal should be removed in time.


 pay attention to the maintenance of the run-in period. New or overhauled diesel generators must be run in. Because diesel generators cooperate with each other and move with each other, the surface of the parts, although there is a certain precision and finish, but from the perspective of emblem there are still uneven, and the fit gap is small. The purpose of running-in is to make the matching movement surface smoother and more reasonable clearance through running-in to prevent early wear. The measure of running-in is no-load operation for 50 hours, during which the speed should change from low to high, the load should change from small to large, and the super-speed overload operation is not allowed. After the end of the run-in, the oil in the crankcase must be replaced, and the crankcase and the lubricating oil path should be cleaned, and the oil filter should be cleaned or replaced.

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Strengthen maintenance and maintenance. Maintenance and maintenance is the key to extending the service life of diesel generators. Should do peacetime maintenance, regular maintenance, regular inspection, focus on the inspection of the water tank treasure, oil is enough, the technical state of the diesel generator is good, if there is damage should be lifted in time. The "three filter" must be cleaned unimpeded. When working in the dusty environment in the countryside, the air filter element should be cleaned once a day. Other maintenance should also be carried out according to the prescribed procedures.


Don't push the gas pedal hard. Diesel generator engine heat engine throttle, will cause violent vibration, increase the friction of the surface. Cold machine throttle up, because the viscosity of lubricating oil is not easy to flow, will aggravate the friction loss of parts, serious may also cause cylinder and burning tile holding shaft and other serious accidents. Therefore, no matter the cold machine or the hot machine, no matter the high speed, it is necessary to smoothly refuel, do not continue to sharply increase the accelerator.


 Correct shift during operation. In order to avoid prolonged high-speed operation of diesel power generation to aggravate friction loss, gear should be changed in time according to road conditions, and high-speed and low-grade operation should be avoided. Even on uphill and washboard roads, it is necessary to choose the right gear, and do not let the diesel generator run at high speed under the condition of insufficient load.


Starting and running at low temperature is strictly prohibited. When the water temperature of diesel generator is above 70 degrees Celsius, its damage will be aggravated. Starting at low temperature, wear is more serious, if at 2 degrees Celsius starting preheating once, its damage is equivalent to running for 50 hours. Therefore, starting in winter must be heated water preheating, it is best to park in the room overnight, after starting do not run for a long time at low temperature.


 Correct choice of fuel. The properties of diesel oil depend mainly on cetane number and impurities. If the choice is not appropriate, the work is easy to damage, so that the impact surface of the machine parts intensified wear. When used, diesel should be selected according to the compression ratio and season of diesel generator, in order to reduce the friction loss and corrosion of parts.