Diesel generator failure analysis and solution

March 16, 2023
Latest company case about Diesel generator failure analysis and solution

Cummins 200KW diesel engine runs automatically for about 1 hour, when a fault alarm occurs, the fault analysis is as follows.


(1) The monitoring load AC current of the moving ring is 140A, and the load is within the rated range:


(2) The 606 controller fault alarm is on, and the LCD displays three-phase unbalance (the neutral current is too large);


(3) Use a multimeter to measure the diesel engine output cable 3x185mm+1x95mumeAB/140A, BC/11SA, CA/105A. Zero line 45A


(4) Today menu view "606" controller neutral line current imbalance set to 25% normal


Troubleshooting is as follows:


In summary, it is judged that the three phase unbalance causes automatic protection shutdown of diesel engine


Considering the mains outage, if the diesel engine can not supply power in time, the quality of communication can not be ensured. Unloading


method: Disconnect the minor load (part of the single-phase air conditioning), start the diesel engine again, the unit runs normally maintenance


experience: reasonable distribution of three-phase AC A phase, B phase, C phase load current.