A 1000KVA Perkins diesel generator was exported to the Philippines

May 9, 2023

On March 20, 2023, Guangdong ALI Testing Equipment Co,.Ltd. reached an agreement with the purchaser in the Philippines to sign an export trade contract for 1 set of 1000KVA Perkins diesel generator. This series of diesel generators is powered by the world famous diesel generator, and has the advanced deep-sea control panel with automatic starting function. Our sound insulation box is made of galvanized steel. The surface of the whole structure is weatherproof and external anticorrosive treatment, built in advanced excellent muffler, can reduce the noise level to 60db(A), efficient intake and exhaust system to ensure stable ventilation.



According to the company's domestic person in charge and the contract signatory General Manager Wang, the equipment purchased this time is used for the power supply of the Philippine national mining area, which belongs to the emergency use of uninterruptible power equipment. The purchaser said that our diesel generators have good performance, stable operation and low oil consumption, and we are very happy to cooperate with us this time.